Stensborg A/S

The planned RollFlex project outcome will become an important resource for our own innovation and R&D activities, thus contributing to enhance our competitiveness on the regional and global markets for functional structures.
– Jan Stensborg, Project manager (Stensborg A/S)

Stensborg A/S manufactures custom R2R and R2P UV-NIL production machines for the production of micro- and nanostructured foil and plate products.

Co-workers in the project

Jan Stensborg
Project management, supervision and innovation activities

Lars Lindvold, PhD
Scientific supervision and innovation activities

Leif Yde, MSc
Project management, supervision and innovation activities

Anders Albertsen
Chemical Engineer
Nanoimprint lithography and inkjetting of metals.
Project management, communication and innovations activities

Bent Hansen
Nanoimprint and printing operator
R2R Platform development and trials run activities


Stensborg A/S
Frederiksborgvej 399/Niels Bohr
4000 Roskilde

Phone: +45 4677 5930

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