Organic solar cells – even greener solar energy and the architects’ dream

By Sune Holst, SDU, TEK Communication,
Translation: Zora Rubahn,

These days, the 100% Climate Neutrality conference is taking place at Alsion in Sonderborg. The conference focuses on bringing solutions into play regarding the climate challenges the world is facing. One of the solutions brought into play are organic solar cells that are on the point of having their industrial breakthrough.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most natural form of energy that we have. Within just three hours, the world’s surface is irradiated by the sun to an extent equalling the world’s annual energy consumption. This is why solar cells are an important part of the green transition, if we are to prevent a temperature rise of more than 2 degrees which has been the world’s declared climate goal since the Paris Agreement in 2015.

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